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"We want you to feel your best while you're dancing"


We present you the perfect combination of comfort and style. The socks we offer are designed for lasting support no matter how intense your day is.

Italiento products are of excellent quality and assembled with the best techniques. From concept to completion, we are proud of all our products.

We are sure that they can help make you feel good and in the best condition and give the best of yourself / o. 

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We are Matteo and Damiano and together we have created the "Italiento" Brand .
We have an experience of over 16 years in the dance hosiery sector, as textile manufacturers.
For years we have worked with dancers and important dance clothing companies and we are constantly looking for the perfect formula that can help and enable every dancer to express their full potential. Listening to the needs and what the market was asking for, we strongly wanted to create a product that would really help and support the dancers during their performances.
    Some data:
Internal Italian production: The products we make are all produced in Italy in our company.
Patent: Italiento tights are the result of our patent
More than ​30 versions: The Italiento sock was the result of three years of study and testing that led to the creation of more than 30 samples.
​Continue innovation: We never stop. Creating and studying new products to help dancers is our mission.


Via bertuzzi 5, Castel Goffredo, MN 46042 info (at)   |  Tel: +393393119725

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